Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Violet Beauregarde

Violet Beauregarde’s mum thinks  she is unladylike because she chews gum all day like a cow. Miss Violet Beauregarde loves gum,it is her favourite thing in the world.

Violet Beauregarde chews all day at night she takes out her gum and sticks it on top of the bed frame.When shes finished with her gum she sticks it on the button in the lift, she Violet
Beauregarde is disgusting ,beastly and despicable.


  1. Hi Toma,

    Well done on posting your first comment to your very own blog, you are going to be an expert before you even enter year 5, I am impressed!

    I am so pleased to see you writing about the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. You have used very clever and interesting adjectives to describe Violet Beauregarde, my favourite would have to be despicable.

    Who is your favourite character in the book?

    Keep up the good work Toma,

    Miss Szymanik :)

  2. Hi Toma
    It is very good to see u post your own comment on your very own blog.I am impressed by how clever u can post with no teacher helping u.

    So what part of the story did u like in the story.
    good work toma.

  3. Aloha and Happy New Year.

    Mr Burt and I are looking at your new blog from Hawaii where we are on holiday.
    If you look on your world map, on the left side out in the ocean you will see a red dot. It is showing you that we are visiting your blog from Hawaii.

    We are looking forward to seeing what you post on your blog this year.

    Have a wonderful year in Year 5.

    Mrs Burt