Monday, 25 May 2015

Toma Thinkboard

Triangle Addition

Today we had been given the new task of finishing a Google drawing by trying to fill in blocks and add it to get our final number witch is 3.518. In each line of squares there is either one or two squares are already filled, we have to leave that  there and use that number to go to 3.518. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Toma Thinkboard

Toma Future Aspiration

On Wednesday the 20th of May 2015 two famous people Marcus Winter who is also known as The Sandman, Louis Gordon Latty who is the founder of Glory League and Andrew Patterson visited the Year 7&8s and Pt England School and they were all talking about how to influence the world. Andrew Paterson came up to talk about how to show awesome and other quotes, we also made up our own quote for the year 7&8 it is called S.W.A.L.L which means Show What Awesome Looks Like. Witch also relates Andrew Patterson quote.

Image result for marcus winter sand artThey were chatting to us about in life you don't have to copy each other and Marcus Winter told us that when he was young he was very slow at handwriting and he thought that he was brainy because he was in the extension class, but when he left primary he found out that the extension class was for the kids who are slow and need to catch up. He also told us "If you get bounced - bounce back." I thought that was a very inspirational quote and I was very inspired by his choice of words. Marcus told us that if you have your mind set on something you will accomplish that in life, and he also told us he actually visioned himself performing street art with sand and he completed that but then he thought of something better like performing on stage so he signed up for lots of chances on stage but he always got bounced. Marcus never gave up and eventually he got a chance to perform on stage. He started performing on cruise ships and earlier this year he went to Australia and ended up performing on cruise ships. He told us to have a clear end in mind. Marcus inspired me alot and after his brilliant speech I wanted to learn how to do sand art.
Which i would never learn

Then the founder of Glory League Louis Gordon Latty told us that he loved playing basketball even before he was five years old he was good at basketball. He told us about a invention he made that involves an ipad. This invention was made to record the whole game so they all wanted to feel like they were in the NBA. And it was also made to make people feel proud and passionate about themselves.How it works, well it works when the judges press a button then then ipad starts recording, and it stops when the judges press another button and then the ipad sends an email to everyone who was playing basketball. After Louis finished talking Mr Burt asked us if we wanted to use this device and the majority of the year 7&8 said of course.
Andrew Patterson was a very nice man and he also visited our school before and he taught us how to project our voice without shouting. He said he would remember you if you went up and talked to him and in the future he might take you somewhere. Andrew was the one who brought Marcus Winter and Louis Gordon Latty to our school. He said a lot of quotes and they were very inspirational. Some of the quotes were: Do more of what makes you Awesome!!!! I found out that you don't remember what people said, you don't remember what they did but you do remember how they made you feel!!!! Yesterday was very inspirational and I loved meeting Marcus Winter, Louis Gordon Latty and Andrew Patterson .

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Toma Leter to Jim O' Dwyer and Eric Henry

I am back with another responding to a letter from WW2 but it's not kind of like a text. Watch the movie below to listen to the two soldiers. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment. Here is my response. I also learnt that in WW2 they shot their little brothers in the leg to send them home.

Dear  Jim O’Dwyer and Eric Henry,
My name is Toma and I am a Year 7 student from Point England School . I am writing to you to express my gratitude for what you have done for our country and people, during WW2. You have fought for our country to protect it.
I understand that you want your family to be safe and to have responsibilities as the eldest brother. I am glad you have a smart brain that to instead punch the other soldiers head and blaming it on your little brother instead of shooting them on the leg. I heard entertainment was top on the list, good to see you people taking an active role in it.

I thank you for fighting for our country. I feel what you have done to your little brother was right. One thing I still don’t know, did your brother came back home and, We will always remember you.

Your sinserley


Toma First World War Mascots

A Letter To Gustav

Toma130 PT England School

Dear Gustav

Malo Lelei Gustav, My name is Toma, Recently i have heard that you were not allowed to fight in the war all because you had a German background. Burt you we really born in Tonga, And i also feel sorry for how they treated and hurt you like that. It was not fair that you had been taken away from Tonga, your wife and your children and that is why i am writing this letter. 

I am really sorry the way that New Zealand treated you i think that you really should have thought in World War 2. I also know that your were in a freezing place near Wellington called Somme. You must have been really cold rubbing your leg with your hand and moving your feet around because it was cold. You must have wanted to leave the minute you got there or even the second you got there.

I feel really sad that your father died when you were so little. I am sorry for what you went through. When you were born in Tonga you must of loved hanging out with your friends and family, but I am really sorry that you could not go back  to Tonga. Im also sorry that it was a big mistake to move to Germany even though you could not speak German. It is amazing that your mother is part Irish, she must of had an awesome accent. I would hate to be in Germany when I was little because Germans were really hard on children 75 years ago.

You must have been really sad that you got taken away from Tonga form your kids your family and your children it must have been really difficult just to leave them there just like that. Your wife and kids would have missed you like crazy the time your were going through that tough time. I do have a question though if you could be born and raised in the whole universe where would it be and why, well that is all for now.

Yours Sincerely/FaithfullyToma

Monday, 11 May 2015

Toma Alphabet Multiplication 4

This is something that me and my whole maths class does every week and i usually always finish it the day we get it. I really like the Alphabet Multiplication's we get because it really helps to learn my times tables very fast it can really help me in the future.