Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Brainy Raccoon

Prompt.Write a story about a brainy raccoon who invents a spaceship to go to Pluto.

This is a story about a brainy raccoon that goes to pluto in a spaceship.The raccoon’s name was Johnny. He was brainier than a monkey and a orca whale together, he was too brainy for school that he skipped year 6 and became a doctor for St John. Then a few years later on his 16th birthday he became an astronaut it was his dream to become an astronaut.

He went to and astronaut school he shouted with excitement “this is awesome!!!!!” as he saw the spaceships flying into space to investigate the planet pluto.Then year 5 from pt england school came. Because they had a trip to the astronaut school then the boss of the  astronaut school his name was Mr Timmy.He was a nice man and said to us “come come I will show you around astronaut school” and he did.

For a special treat he gave the year fives Ice-Cream it was yummy then they saw the raccoon they all said “wow!!!” then it was the it was raccoons turn he was so happy to do his dream. But then there spaceship lost their power his dream was ruined he was very sad that his dream was over.His family saw because it was on tv he was sad they were sad every family member was sad.

Then he prayed to God so that all if the spaceships would work. Then something magical happened a light from the sky came and then everything went again and also the bus went to it was awesome everyone was filled with excitement. He dream came true and he could not wait to go to pluto he shouted “this is the best day ever”.

My Weekly Reflection

  • This week I have learned to dribble a ball properly at football.

    • Next week I want to learn to kick a foot ball to our partners.

Friday, 14 June 2013

My Mihi

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Antarctica Narrative

P1: Introduction - characters, what is going on,
When, Who, What, Where, Why
A researcher is going throw the cold howling wind in Antarctica the coldest and driest continent on earth.He was trying to find the Scott base in the freezing Antarctica.The researcher was trying to find a place to stay inside and keep warm because he was so cold.Then he came out and he kept walking and walking and then he could see someone he was so happy but it was a big Emperor penguin

P2: Problem - what was problem?
Then the big Emperor penguin went because it knew that a big windy blizzard was coming.It was right the big windy blizzard did come it got colder and colder and colder until he almost friezed and then he got to the frozzing water and he was scared cause he thorught that a big killer whale or a leopard seal was going to come a get eaten.By the killer whale or the leopard seal and that he would be its dinner or its lunch or breakfast he starred to call out for help but no one heard him.
P3: Action - what happened straight after the problem?
A  leopard seal was swimming from under the water and then a killer whale came past he saw the killer whale but he did not see the leopard seal.The leopard seal jump out of the water and then the killer whale jump out to he screamed loud like a girl and.Then there some people were filming they were fighting

P4: Conclusion - How the problem was solved?

The people filming saw the researcher and the researcher saw them he said help and they saw him they stop there filming and went to go and get the researcher on the big boat and they went closer and closer and then he ran and ran to the steel boat and then they put the stairs down and then the researcher went up and up onto the boat and they took him to scoot base