Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Olmpic World Records

Toma Usain Bolts Dream Narrative

On August 18th 2016 Usain Bolt has a dream about the future and what's going to happen in the 400m sprint in the olympics. Mrs Tele’a starts it all off “And their off, Izac’s off with a good start and sprints down lane 6 as Nga is close behind him.” Before Izac could say anything Usain Bolt sprints pass Izac. Izac started puffing and trips over. Izac was disappointed because he had let his country down. NOOOOO!!! Izac yelled. Mrs Tele’a was furious when Izac gave up because they were from the same country.

Back in the front Usain Bolt has already finished 300m and starts showing off to the audience when out of nowhere Nga passes Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt tries to grab Nga but Nga is too fast for him. The commentator’s focus on Izac “Izac is sulking at the back curled up into a little ball’’ Usain Bolt grabs out his secret energy. CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!!!. Usain Bolt grabs a handful out and annihilate them Usain Bolt was now filled with energy. Usain Bolt suddenly gets red eyes and finishes 100m like nothing. But Nga wins. The stadium was filled with silence “He won Usain Bolt actually lost Nga is the winner 400m olympics.”

“AHHHHHHH!!!!!!.”  It came to the time and Usain Bolt was nervous. But obviously Usain Bolt won by miles.