Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How To Be A Good Person

Do you want to be successful In life? Im going to tell you how to be a good/successful Pt Englander? You have to always show respect to your teacher, finishing your work when your teacher wants it finished and also being a good and helpful person.

Paragraph 2: Show respect to your teachers is very important because if you don't you won't know what to do.  Show respect to your teacher means to listen to the teacher and being kind to your teacher. Sometimes boys/girls don't show respect to their teacher and the teacher sometimes get angry. Kids don't like looking at angry teacher sometimes people find it really annoying that a girl/boy does not show respect to the teacher.

Paragraph 3:Finishing your work when your teacher wants you to is sometimes hard for kids and sometimes easy for kids. Finishing off your work you have to listen to the teacher and read the text in the book to get some information. For my class we have to write in a text box which makes it easier and for my class and friends.

Paragraph 4:Being a helpful boy/girl Is very important because the teacher will know that you are a good/successfully Pt Englander and can succeed in life. Being good if sometimes hard for me and I can't show respect sometimes.Being A Good Boy means to Show Respect,Finishing Your Work and you can be a Good Boy and Successful In life and Strive To Succeed

The Fight Of The Century Good Vs Evil, Necrolis Vs Revantor

The fierce rivals battle Necrolis and Revantor evil vs good boom,crash,thawk!!! They were fighting in the cage is was half fire half water. Befor this all started they were best friends as they grow up they started showing off. Necrolis started turning into a monster and Revantor turned into a zombie monster.

As the best friend thought grunting in pain Necrolis remembered his best friends saying. When x2

walk tall when x2 stand tall and he said Necrolis do your best. Whenever he hears those words he gets stronger by the second.Every minute he gets angry and he starts turning into a fire monster.
Revantor the zombie monster running around in the cage trying to figure out a vicious attack to smash his best friend to the ground. Then Necrolis began an attack a fire punch to the face and a knee to the face boom. Everyone was cheering Necrolis,Nerolis as they were chatting for good to win.

Necrolis didn't want to fight him but he had to if he wanted evil to never come back again but say in dungeons were the good is. “You will never beat me”. Weakly said Revantor, “I beat I can”, Replied Necrolis demonly. Chuckling Necrolis with one big upeel cut Revantor dies and disappears with dust Necrolis wins and evil loses.

In the end Necrolis went to free the good and evil left their kingdom and good ruled again. After that the world was a better place. When evil weeping for food and water all they had was mud and pigs. But they didn't know how to kill pigs so they left them run around and being free.

To Be Continued

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How To Read Wood/Wood Partners

My reading group read a book called how to read wood/wood partners if the wood has lines and little gaps In It you know it has been growing well. But if it was big gaps that means it had a bad year and it has hardly been growing.

Kia Ora my name Is Toma and I am a year six boy me and my literacy class learnt how to read Wood and Wood Partners. My group the Pohutukawa learnt that If you cut a layer up top of each other means that It will have the same layer on the bottom as well. If trees don't get enough sun the can sometimes feel left out so It can sometimes always get 4 hours of sun. A tree can be smart and take there leaves of so that  can always get sun. I thought that It was just a coincides but no It wasn't It Is was God created

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Reading Maps

Our literacy class is learning how to read maps and a saying for NESW N stands for North,E stands for East,S stands for South and W stands for West. The saying for this is Never Eat Soggy Weet-bix.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hat Explanation

Do you want cancer when you are older? I know I don’t, being sunsmart is about covering up with clothing, broad-spectrum sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.Remember to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP and WRAP.

SLIP into a long-sleeved shirt and into the shade. Generally, fabrics with a tighter weave and darker colours will give you greater protection from the sun. There are also certain fabrics on the market that have a 5 star rating.

SLOP on plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every two hours.You can't wear a hat if your swimming so slop on some sunscreen. The best sunscreen that is waterproof is Badger that is a 5 star rating sunblock.

SLAP on a hat with a wide-brim or a cap with flaps. More people get sunburned on their face and neck than any other part of the body.Trucker Hats are not go for you because there are little holes at the back and it can go throw the hat wavelengths.The best hats arte bucket hats because they cover your eyes,ears,nose,ears and cheeks.

WRAP on a pair of wrap-around sunglasses UV radiation which stand for ultraviolet radiation is just as dangerous to eyesight as it is for the skin. Radiation in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum where wavelengths are just shorter than those of ordinary, visible violet light but longer than those of x-rays.

Slip,Slop,Slap AND WRAP is very important to my family because me and my family don't get skin cancer and we can keep safe.Remember Slip,Slop,Slap and Wrap to keep safe in the sun and not get skin cancer.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Best Holiday I Have Ever Had

“AHHHHHH”, have you ever seen a big rat that just wanders into your house or fell on a gate on your rib, “OWWWWW.” I have did and seen both it was scary but at the same to saw it was boring having a rat in our house i hope you enjoy my holiday vamonos.

P1.One normal sunny day i was walking around in my backyard looking at the fence thinking to my selfe, “Should i run on it Hmmmm.” It was a bit dangerous because next door had spikes but i don't mind i was good at climbing and baling my nickname at home is The Monkey Man it is a cool name if you ask my family. I balanced on the gate i was going to run but i had to be a pro until shrink, “AHHHHHHH” I fell on my rib and we had my favourite dinner tacos and i could not eat it it was boring i could only sleep or watch.

P2.My family were watching movies on our netbook pluging it into out tv the first awesome movie we watched was hercules. I won't ruin it but the movie hercules my favorite part is when he destroy the wolves that was kerbuces. After that we watched TMNT short for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is cool in hd my favourite part is when they are in the elevator beat boxing and making a beat it was funny.

P3.Just as my brother walked into our house he noticed that the back door was open it was wide open so we closed the door. But as we walk into the sitting room we see a big fat rat jumping all of the bed jumping in an unusual way like it was having a serger but it was joking and got out. Jumping into the shoe box it got away it still wonders around our house today but we called a professional exterminator and it brang pills with poison in it the rat zilla is dying which is sad we want it to run out in the wild.

P4.Happy birthday Tumanko we sang his song happy birthday to you we sang he was a bit scared we all gave him our cards my card was the best card. After that we went to have some cupcakes and cake like always i would always get filled up with cake and cupcakes. After that we went outside to play touch and rugby we have a big backyard. After that it was getting dark so our whole family had dessert and we all jumped in bed watching movies on our own acer netbooks.

P5. Bam!! we went outside to play i best outside game with a bat there is hit and roll or just call it bat down, you play the game with a normal bat and a ball then you wait for the ball to come close to the bat and then whack!! Then the person with the ball has to roll it if you're far you can teleport it so you can go close. Two steps tick tock if it is 5 steps stand if it is more than 10 steps roll that is how you play bat down. Our family like bat down we don't like cricket our family says, “Cricket is last year but down is today”, An that is why we like bat down.

P6.On the last day of the holidays my favourite oldies brother came back he is my favourite oldest brother came back it is cool with him but again my brother was in trouble in the holidays again. He came back and we were so excited when he came back because we wanted to see what he could do with a bat. So we came outside with him and he bat first and it went far we kept playing until dinner and then we watched another movie but the were boring movies. But  I was just happy that my brother was here so my family was together again.

P7.This holiday was the most funniest,scariest,horrifying,Interesting and most awesomest holiday i have ever been on. What i liked was that it was interesting because i didn’t tell you in the story but the rat mad little baby rats and it jumps all over us when we are asleep. Im going to figure out why the ratzilla jumps on us when we are asleep.