Friday, 20 March 2015

Toma Best School Day Ever

Aue Hi!!!", as i imaged the day we had our 2014 Fia Fia and then i wake up from that and Year 7&8 for the first time in history in Aotearoa thanks to Mrs Tele’a the year 7&8 got to go to the Polyfest CHE-HOO-OOO as i shouted with joy in my head. The year 7&8s loading up to four buses jumping up and down on the four buses well i dont know if the other buses did that but we did. Waiting impatiently to get to the polyfest and me basically eating my Rashuns on the bus secretly
without my teacher even knowing.

The best highlight in the world was actually even getting to go to the polyfest cause actually the parents could actually be going to work but they took a day of the help us. The 2nd highlight was getting to hit the ball as fast as you can but the technique i used was wrong so mine was actually WOH WOH WOHHH. 3rd was getting to take a photo with My Group but sadly i didn't get to keep it cause one of the members in my group ripped it up and i never got to see it again.

Next year i can not wait to go to the polyfest once again.


  1. Hey Toma its Toby I love how we play tag all the time when we see each other,wait we can be named the two awesome t's and what would you say to that,Toma (laugh).

  2. this one is pretty cool and whos that green monster