Thursday, 29 October 2015

The New Zealand Royal Navy Band.

As we walked into the hall we saw the new Zealand royal navy band come to our school. Sitting and everyone in our school was very excited we couldn't even stop talking about how awesome it was. We sat down and we knew we were going to hear jazz and other lovely music. But we didn't know what music they were going to play. We first did what we do for every assembly we sit down say our pray and then someone comes out to say their mihi. Then after all of that was done the show was going to begin.

As we were sitting down a man came out to say that they were going to play movie themes first they the very famous song (i think) star wars. Next was spongebob and other songs but i didn’t know some of them. Next was a dedication to the ANZAC soldiers that died years ago and a poem that John McCrae made up so that we will always remember them. After that was songs like Katy Perry Roar and the very last song was Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. But my highlight was the people that played the drums like Mr Garden. In the end my legs were very sore but we were luck because the one and only new Zealand royal navy band came to our school.

Toma The Coyote And Turtle

Friday, 16 October 2015

Superman Adaptation

History of Superman...  
man of underwear or blue underwear? Why did it change? Because wearing blue underwear didn't make him look strong but when her wore red underwear he looked strong and has more style.
Krypton - what is it? Krypton was a large habitable planet where superman (Kent Clark) was born but not raised.
Why was it important to Superman?  Because of where superman was born.
What part did Superman's parents have in his survival?They sent him from krypton to earth because krypton was going to blow up and they risked there life for his.
Original powers? Did he fly in the beginning? He did not have the ability to fly he only knew how to do super jump.
What changed in term of his super powers? Super man started from super jump but in 2015 he has flying, laser eyes ect.
Daily planet - his does he adapt between his human workplace and being a superhero? When Kent Clark is an human he changes his posture but when he is Super man he stands up straight and uses a deeper voice.

This movie is about The History of Superman. People made superman by using other heroes such as Hercules, Moses, Samson and Buck Rogers. But in this year (2015) people make new heroes by using superman, Hulk, Captain America (etc.) So now i ask why did people stop thinking about Moses, Samson and Hercules and start making heroes new heroes from Super man ect.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Toma Immersion Assembly Term 4

As the year 7&8’s walked through the door we saw Mr Burt dressed up in an outfit with a fake parrot on his head and massive glasses. As we went to sit down we saw other teacher coming in with crazy outfits. As we sat their Mr Burt made a movie of the Fiapoko Parrot “Mr Burt” from Pt. Dingaling who always said “I'm the business” and it kept being a musinces to the kids “Ana,Jordan s and Jalen.” They called the Fiapoko parrot hunter “Mr Burt again” to come and hunt it down. After it was no longer alive the Fiapoko parrot hunter cooked it in the oven and they ate it.

After the video was finished Mr Burt said “It is time for team 1” Mrs George walked in front of the school to say that it was short but then Mrs King jumped and said “Is that it Mrs George.” So Mrs George said “ok we will have a karaoke are you ok with that now Mrs King.” The mysterious song was Roar by Katy Perry after the song was finished we had to clap and scream to pick the winner. After making my head saw from all the screaming they finally made a decision the winner was Marika Mrs king's daughter then Mrs George told us what they were learning about, they are learning about

As we clapped Mr Burt called out another team it was time for team 2. Team 2 are learning about dinosaurs. A movie showed up on the screen with a video of a dinosaur and a person was singing a song song and it was saying “One of the biggest dinosaur’s was the brachiosaurus” and that all i heard. And the rest of team 2’s video i did,not get but all i know is that they are learning about dinosaurs. After that very very weird video Mrs Nalda walked out and said “You should already know that team 2 is learning about Dinosaurs and then Barney came and some people hugged him.

Another team was being called it was team 3.Mrs King said they have made up dinosaurs the made up dinosaurs that the teacher made up was Discosaurs,Bossyraptor,strongosaur and Manosaurs (I don’t know the rest of the names) in the video It had all the team 3 teachers dancing on a movie. Then Mrs King came out to say “This term team 3 is also learning about dinosaurs but we are making up our own dinosaurs.”

Team 4 was being called as we clapped Mr Goodwin walked saying that she took some people on a safari tour but they didn't know where they were but they had to guess where they are but they weren't really their. One was underwater and the others were in the Forest with the gorilla, with a snake somewhere. Then team mr wiseman stepped up to talk about adaptation then after seeing them eat noodles it was all finished. Then we went back to class to do some learing.