Monday, 10 November 2014

The Hate Brothers

“Ohh her she comes watch out for she will chea”, sang Troy, “Turn the music back back on you egg.” “You cant make me I'm bigger and stronger and I am a way better musician”, said Rach Troys only older brother, “I'm gonna get you ya fat loser”, “Hahaha as if”, the two brothers arguing over something that isn't theres, “Enough you\
two better get loose from each other or GOD knows what I will do to the both of you”, “Ok mum”, but Rach did not care, “ok.”

Five years later Tory and Rach still did not get along and they just didn't care about each other so the next day the two brothers move out of the house. “Bye bye sons”, but Troy didn't want to leave but he had to go. “Bye Mum bye baby brother”, cried Troy, “Think I care”, Said Rach, “This isn't about you”, yelled tory.

Four years later tory was learning to play guitar at nine teen then wanting to be a amazing musician so he practiced for years and years until he turned into the best musician boy and  everyone started to call him, “Sir Tory Sir Troy, “They all adore you Sir Troy, “I know do they and please call me Troy”, “With pleasure.” Rach hated even more that one night Rach sneak into Troys Mansion and killed and that night Rach forgives everything that happened when they were small.

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Story Of Steve And Enderman Best Friends For Life

“Ow Ow”, Said Steve Falling Into a tub of lava. “My feet are burnt”, Said Enderman, “because you are half ghost and half human and you are always relaxed”, Screamed Steve. “That is why you are my best friend hahahaha.” Keep laughing”, replied Steve, “I'm gonna get you for this”, Steve said again.

So night Steve set up a trap water,fire and lava all mended and poured together. Once Enderman 
woke up Steve pulled the lever and boom,smash,crash and Enderman blow up and disappeared into the darkness. That day Stevewas sad for the rest of his life with no friends.
But the next two weeks Enderman came back and Steve was very very happy that he came back but Enderman was dying. So Steve got embalmed and cobble stone and Enderman came back and was healthy then ever. Steve and Enderman were happy and they had their own wives and they lived happily ever after with their family. The End