Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Rainbows End

 Last friday the year 7 went to rainbows end i felt scared and like my friend i had a feeling i was going to puke but in the end i didn’t. First we had a meeting of what to do and what not to do but of course we had to show SWALL (Show what awesome looks like.) Once we got there we had to wait because we weren't the only school. Then we waited and waited then a lady came up to put the band on a then it was time to have fun. Our group was Me, Izac, Dartanian, Iti, Shelford and our group leader was my cousin La.

Our first ride was the pirate ship and my friend was screaming like a baby’s i only screamed

when we went high and i felt like i was going to puke. Our next ride was FEAR FALL which i did not want to go on but it happened when we went up it wasn’t that scary. But when we stayed up 18 stores(548.64cm) i was freaked out but then i heard a clink and i knew we were going to drop. When we dropped i couldn’t even feel my body and i felt like i was a dog.

Next was the motion master which wasn't really a ride i was like a cinema and we also had 3D glasses. When we went on i wasn’t really scared because my friend ruined it and told us what was going to happen. But he didn’t know that it changed so when we went in and he sat down acting like he was the man. So i said “Ok you can sit next to me” so he did so we watched it. Afterwards i heard him screaming because he hasn't seen the new one but i have, the loudest scream he did was when the loch ness monster popped out and it looked like he was having a heart attack. 

Bumper cars was the second best ride because you could just bump anyone of and speed and not get a ticket for speeding. I bumped of my parent helper and then our group come to get me and bully me. It was really funny even though i got bullied i still had heaps of fun but i didn’t enjoy my head getting banged all over the place.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Time With Freinds

On Friday Mrs Tele’a Said “Don’t forget to bring your PE shirt on tuseday because we are going to do fun stuff”, But she didn’t tell us why they were doing this. When it came to the day i didn’t know what we were going to do. After resse our teachers told us to come inside and get changed into our pe gear. We did but it took me quite a while to get ready. But i'm going to skip all the stuff that the teachers talk to us about and move on to the fun stuff.

My group were boys i used to hang out Izac(The leader), Night, Jordan S and Dartanian that was absent on the day. But we still heaps of fun without. But anyway we first went to brain teazer our brainiac. With the teacher Mrs Fumatu the questions they gave us were really hard like.(Name and ancient  invention, that people still use in these days that allows you to see through wall) and i was like easy it an x ray but i got it Incorrect. So i freaked out because we only had 10 seconds than i realized windows help you see through was and i was correct.

The next activity was the Photo Booth where we had to talk photos obviously but more important is that so we don’t get all shy and start giggling and no it was more about your looks don’t matter. Mrs tele’a walked over to us to take a photo and i think Izac could be a next top model. We had to take a happy, serious, crazy and creative photo and all i did was stand and only smile in one. But my group was really cool because when Jordan S put the tutu around his face he looked like a lizard that was about to strike on the serious photo. The Photo booth was taking by the beautiful Mrs Tele’a

After that was cookie as we all know you have to put the cookie on your forehead and try and get it into your mouth which was very very. challenging for me and because i didn’t like those so when i caught it in my mouth i pretend to eat it. But it suddenly went down my throat and i felt like i was going to vomit.But the game was very hard because you have to use the muscle in side your head like your eyebrows. But when our cookie would fall on the floor would have to keep doing it. But i didn’t care 10 second rule.

And last but not least was the pea pipe when you had to suck up peas(doesn't that sound weird to you) But anyway who cares about the name. It was just another cool game you had to suck a pea up with a straw and put it into a bowl which was very hard because the desk looked very far. But was actually very close it like i was running 2km but going nowhere as far as that. After 4 rounds of doing that i was very tired but i didn’t give up. After all of that very very hard stuff (to me) we finally came to the end of that very long long run. And we ended up coming second for the pea pipe game. Then it was time to pack up and go on our daily run.