Friday, 20 March 2015

Toma Best School Day Ever

Aue Hi!!!", as i imaged the day we had our 2014 Fia Fia and then i wake up from that and Year 7&8 for the first time in history in Aotearoa thanks to Mrs Tele’a the year 7&8 got to go to the Polyfest CHE-HOO-OOO as i shouted with joy in my head. The year 7&8s loading up to four buses jumping up and down on the four buses well i dont know if the other buses did that but we did. Waiting impatiently to get to the polyfest and me basically eating my Rashuns on the bus secretly
without my teacher even knowing.

The best highlight in the world was actually even getting to go to the polyfest cause actually the parents could actually be going to work but they took a day of the help us. The 2nd highlight was getting to hit the ball as fast as you can but the technique i used was wrong so mine was actually WOH WOH WOHHH. 3rd was getting to take a photo with My Group but sadly i didn't get to keep it cause one of the members in my group ripped it up and i never got to see it again.

Next year i can not wait to go to the polyfest once again.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Polyfest 2015 40th anniversary

Kia ora, Talofa lava, Kia orana and greetings to the 40th anniversary for the polyfest that is held every March. The two stages that we will be visiting tomorrow is Maori and Diversity stages. Polyfest is a catalyst for positive leadership development. We learn about other cultures or sometimes even experience other cultures and what they do.

1.Addition - show their talent and moves
2.Practise - to get even better at what they do
3.Fitness - to keep them and there body healthy
4.The trainers make comments to tell them what to work on
5.FUNDRAISER for money
6. Consert - to get feed back
7.Transport - to get to the polyester
8.Get Dressed - oil,make up, Tamoko, paint,

Young people love to dance and they are proud to be the culture they are. Many students of other cultures join in the groups and enjoy the cross-cultural challenges that are part of the excitement and spirit of the festival held in March each year awesome isn't!!!!! If i was picked i would be looking forward to my cheese toastie.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mrs Telea's Birthday

It was Mrs Telea’s 40th birthday we snuck into the street and it never look suspicious then as Hannah turned the music on the boys shouting out, “CHOO-HOO-HOO”, as we were dancing around Mrs Tele’a in a circle it was awesome. Mrs Telea’s literacy class dancing to the Samoan song but sadly Mrs Tele’a actuality home class did not come out to dance. We had boys jumping of tables Miss Peato dancing with Mrs Tele’a. All the boys looked like warriors but we were gentle at the same time. As me and my friend Jordan were dancing we saw Mr Wiseman running out trying to mimic Mrs Tele’a dance.

As we danced we saw Miss Peato lying on the ground slapping the ground in my head i was like, “What is she doing?” Then Mrs Tele’a gathering her skirt putting her leg on Miss Peatos back. Sadly Mrs Moala and Miss Clark did not want to dance but they recorded it so it was good enough for me. Mr Wiseman mimicking Mrs Tele’a but it was way too hard for him. We were very energetic as the actually Samos not dancing when the Maoris and Tongas were dancing i saw the Samoas just standing there in the corner just laughing.

It will be a sight that i know that i will never ever see again.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Toma Visual Mihi

These are the four most important thing in the world to me first, I am maori and i am really proud to Maori and I really like to talk maori do the haka and everything that a maori would do, but the best thing that stands out is a hangai witch is traditionally maori food. I really like doing maths it is the most  favourite subject in the whole universe in maths i really like to do partitioning when you leave the first number the same. I really like go online and do my work it is way more interesting than pen and paper but I like to draw. These are the Most four important things in the world for me but the first in the world Is my family, I didn't had time to draw my family so bye.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Whanau Time/Family, The Best Time Of My LIfe

Wake up Wake up”, Shouted my sister, I looked at my calendar today was day we got out of the house for our first ever. I put on my close at then my dad said “come on we don’t want to be late”, I rushed into the sitting room and then, my mum and dad shouted, “But first we have to put our stuff in the car”, and then that when the smile turned upside down, “Come on Toma there is not that much”, whispered my Mum, I walk in to the room and then piles of bags right in my face three almost even crushed me.

I went to go have my breakfast I could not wait to have our family reunion and then i walked into the room and, “Hey Mum wheres the bags gone”, she replied, “Your brothers put them all out side.” My Heart was pounding we all had a shower and we got ready. We jumped in the car we were all excited and then, “Toma can you and your older siblings wait”, Shouted my dad, “Ok”, we all replied. We waited and waited and waited for almost 20 minutes and my papa's house was only up  and then right and it was close. Then we saw the headlights and it was not our car,
We saw our car and we all shouted and my sister screamed and we felt like we were going to get deaf.

We got there and we all went inside the marie and when we walked in it was so big that if climbed up on the roof my whole whanau aunties and uncles would be like tiny ants but i would never want to go up there. I wanted to but I couldn't because I would get the growling of a lifetime i would have never forgot about it. “Yo pass Toma pass”, shouted my brother, “Ok”, I passed it but obviously I couldn't pass well so the ball landed in this green water, “I'm not getting the by”, I giggled, “Oh yes you are”, My cousin said, “Ok.” I didn’t know there was water so i went down and I jumped in and then Splat weo weo weooo, “Our icky sticky gross stuff”, “hahahahahahahahaha”, I ran to my Mum and Dad, “The got my all dressed up and showed me did my hair.”

Because we were going for the longest walk ever It was to the lighthouse but it was an awesome experience. Because we even got our very own t shirts that said, Wairere and another t shirt and singlet that Taivero Timmy Charlie. I put my singlet on straight away when everyone else put on the lame one. We walked up to the lighthouse i touched it. 2 hours after that, “Come on were all going for a swim.” I felt something pinch me under the water it was my cousin Big Mac but all the back there were the most biggest wave i have ever seen.

It was time to say goodbye to the placed we all loved the most. We still wonder at night if we will be able to go back to Te Hapua and have another time of our lives. In the end It was the best experiences that i have ever had in my entire 11 years of my life and my whanau life as well.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Holiday Highlight

It’s christmas time”, we sat down and had the most delicious breakfast ever bacon and eggs with some of the nicest hot chocolate in the whole world. Or we could some of our family favourite:Puawais spaghetti and meatballs she makes the most delicious meatballs of all eternity. I quickly ate the spaghetti and meatballs because i really wanted some more. 2 hours after that we went outside to play games after woulds we came inside to open up our presents. The big kids got 2 lottery tickets and the little ones got money and chocolate. All the boys got lego but out of all the things we had the best one was to spend christmas time with my whole family. When they all came over we had the most delicious hangai i have ever had. My sister puawai was eating almost 5 to 6 plates maybe even 7.  The sun was going and the best highlight of my holiday was slowly fading away.

Nehhh” we saw the horses running and running my sister said, “There running as the speed of light”, shouting in my ear, then I shouted, “No THERE NOT BECAUSE THEY CAN’T!!!!!”, then we saw a baby merry go round but it was so relaxing so i decided to jump on it and it felt like a massage. Soon after we went home to go watch tv we were meant to go home but my papa was way to tired to do that, and my auntie she just can't drive at all like my mum. My uncle yelled out, “Toma, Puawai, Hilda get in here for mcdonalds and ice cream”, we massage his foot because we is a black belt in the last few days he had a fight and he beat the guy up like a little stick. In the twinkling of an eye he said, “Finished lets go”, we had choc bar, mcdonald's and it was the highlight of the day.