Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Church Star At Ratana Pa Church

This  is my drawing of the Ratana Pa church that I'm from. It is called the Ratana Pa star. Its a old church, Pt England School's principal Mr Burt knows what church I am from. I am putting this on my blog to let you know what church I am from and how old this church is.

What A Rousie Is,Where The Word Comes From And The Five Jobs He Or She Does

A rousie is a person taking the shorn fleeces for the stand for the shearers.

The word rousie is a word from the amazing place New Zealand or Aotearoa.

One of the jobs keeping the pens full of sheep's,Then she spread each fleece on the table,Then sorts the good wool from the dirty or stained wool,She helps load the wool press,and keep the floor clean of wool,