Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mrs Telea's Birthday

It was Mrs Telea’s 40th birthday we snuck into the street and it never look suspicious then as Hannah turned the music on the boys shouting out, “CHOO-HOO-HOO”, as we were dancing around Mrs Tele’a in a circle it was awesome. Mrs Telea’s literacy class dancing to the Samoan song but sadly Mrs Tele’a actuality home class did not come out to dance. We had boys jumping of tables Miss Peato dancing with Mrs Tele’a. All the boys looked like warriors but we were gentle at the same time. As me and my friend Jordan were dancing we saw Mr Wiseman running out trying to mimic Mrs Tele’a dance.

As we danced we saw Miss Peato lying on the ground slapping the ground in my head i was like, “What is she doing?” Then Mrs Tele’a gathering her skirt putting her leg on Miss Peatos back. Sadly Mrs Moala and Miss Clark did not want to dance but they recorded it so it was good enough for me. Mr Wiseman mimicking Mrs Tele’a but it was way too hard for him. We were very energetic as the actually Samos not dancing when the Maoris and Tongas were dancing i saw the Samoas just standing there in the corner just laughing.

It will be a sight that i know that i will never ever see again.

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